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Principles of Healing and Growth Management - The workshop helps you remove the clouds of pain and suffering that engulf you so that you can let the sunshine back into your life.

Navratri and Vijayadashami celebrations

How to look at life differently? Yoga says, there is a way of looking at life from your lower self, which is called the jeevatma, there is a way of looking at life from the higher self, called the paramatma. This shift of perception from the lower self to the higher self, will lead you from samsara to nirvana, from a sense of deficiency to a sense of sufficiency.

International Yoga Day celebrations held at Nirguna Mandir

Welcome to Prasanna Trust

Prasanna Trust is a registered social charitable trust with an objective to relook into various facets of Indian philosophy and culture for effective transformation of an individual and society at large.

Under the guidance of Swami Sukhabodhananda, we work towards our objective through spiritual transformative education programs for people across all age groups, social services and corporate talks. With a history of more than 10 years, Prasanna Trust is based in Bangalore, with offices and chapters across India. 

Gyan Sangam 2.0

In view of the rising bad loans, their resolution and other vigilance issues, the government will kick start the second edition of Gyan Sangam — a retreat for banks and financial Institutions — with an interactive session with central vigilance commission (CVC) on Friday.

Among external experts, International Finance Corporation (IFC) will make a presentation and there will also be an address by Swami Sukhbodhanandji, often described as a 'corporate guru' and author of such books as, Oh Mind, Relax Please!

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Existential Laboratory

Date : 2 to 5 June, 2016

Venue : Ecumenical Christian Centre, Whitefield

City : Bangalore

For registration, contact :

Trust Office - 2552 6100, 2552 6101, 2552 6102, 99017 77003

Principles of Healing & Growth Management

Date : 22 to 25 Dec, 2016

Venue : Prasanna Centre for Life Management ( Nirguna Mandir) , Near Ist Block Park, Koramangala

City : Bangalore

For registration, contact :

Trust Office - 2552 6100, 2552 6101, 2552 6102, 99017 77003


Prasanna Jyothi

Our non-profit organization in Bangalore works to provide for underprivileged girl children.

Prasanna Jyothi is a home for orphaned and destitute girl children in need of a safe environment. We work to ensure that all of the children's mental, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs are met. Our caretakers facilitate a space of love and joy, so that the girls can grow into happy, contented adults.

We make an appeal for you to support us in this initiative and help girl children in need. 

Contact us to learn how you can help. Read more about our social service programs here


Featured book: The River of Life

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes. ‘The River of Life’ is just such a book where pictures speak as much as the words themselves. A coffee table book, the first of its kind by Prasanna Trust, it unfolds the truth behind joyous living, revealing that happiness is not something to be pursued, but rather, realized. Contact us to buy the book. 

 Buy some of our other books here.


Our Chapters are extensions of the Prasanna Trust family. Present across many locations around India, our chapter members work to spread Swamiji's message to as many people as possible. Headed by a Chairperson, each chapter holds regular meetings or satsangs for members to join together and carry out activities. For public programs, publications and social activities in your area, please contact your local Chapter Chairperson here. 

Chapter News - March 2015

The spring celebration of good over evil, Holi is also considered a festival of love. At Prasanna Trust, celebrations were marked by the characteristic bright colors and high spirits that makes Holi one of the most loved and celebrated festivals around the world.

Our Prassanites, in the august presence of Poojya Swamiji, celebrated Holi with Flowers at Nirguna Mandir on 1st March 2015. Fill in the form at the bottom of the website to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates. Click here to read our March 2015 newsletter. 




Volunteer with us

Our social activities and programs often require volunteers to help us in our efforts. We ask you to join us in our endeavours.

Organize a program or talk

We invite you to bring together people in your city/community or area to hold programs and workshops. They can be conducted either by Swamiji or by our Seminar Leaders. We will facilitate and provide the support for you to make this a success.

Spread the message

Help us spread a message of peace, love, happiness and healthy living. Share our stories, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 

Get in touch with us and we will work with you to find the best volunteering opportunities.

Contact us to know more. 

Prasanna Trust takes up many social initiatives. You could donate for a cause in the following ways:
1. Annadana :
You have an occasion to share and celebrate with orphans by providing a feast for the children for a day.
Contribution: Rs.1500/-
2. Jnanadana
You have a desire to educate a deprieved by providing education to a child for a year.
Contribution: Rs.6,000/-
3. Child Sponsorship
You would want to adopt a child by providing for food, shelter, schooling, clothing.
Contribution: Rs.10,000/- part sponsorship.
4. Jeevandana
A desire to feed the children in any one day of your choice in your life. 
Contribution: Rs.8,000/-
5. Donor
Your magnanimous contribution will keep the torch of service ever illuminating. 
Contribution: Rs.15,000/- and above