July - August 2015 Vol 14.

Guru Poornima

This Guru Poornima, we pay homage to Swami Sukhabodhanada for his guidance through the years. A guru is said to remove the darkness of ignorance, and reveal to us the nature of our true selves as eternal, blissful beings. Swamiji has worked tirelessly to unravel simple truths for healthy living and guided hundreds of thousands on their spiritual quest.

The path to inner freedom and peace may be arduous, but he has these words of comfort as a guru:

'I want you to be sensitive to what I say. In between, if you get confused, be happy that you are confused. When you get confused it means you can understand. Buffalo never get confused; it is the human being alone that gets confused. Thinking requires that you get confused initially.'

All the Chapters celebrated GURU PURNIMA on the 31st of July and paid their respects to Poojya Swamiji for guiding them in the spiritual path. Sri Venugopal & Smt Annapurna organised Annadana at Nilofer Hospital on the occasion.


Chapter News:

Bangalore Chapter

The Indiranagar Chapter, led by Mr. Anil Nair, organised a Healthy Minds program for members of Abhayashram, Wilson Garden. The program was conducted by Mr Gururaj.

Our seminar leader, Sri Gururaj, conducted a healthy Minds program for nearly 240 students at the SVR College of Commerce & Management Studies. He also conducted a powerful Mantra Yoga program at Jayanagar for 63 participants.

Another one of our Seminar Leaders, Sri Jithender Joshi conducted the Vision 2020 program for Ore University Students and Visweswarayya High School. Nearly 3100 participants benefitted from this. Joshiji conducted a Mantra Yoga program at Nirgun Mandir for 50 people and a Healthy Minds program for 250 PUC students, along with 15 teachers. He also joined together with Ms. Shruthi to conduct the first Healthy Minds Program at Ayyappa School, reaching out to nearly 100 students.

At Chinmaya Vidya Mandir School in Bangalore, 200 students, staff and management attended our Healthy Minds program. Conducted by Mr. Gururaj and organized by Ms. Neeru Jaipuria & Ms. Sulochana Agarwal, it proved a great success.


The Chairperson of Baroda Chapter Ms. Dimple Bakshi conducted 8 sessions of Healthy Minds program covering 1000 students.

Chennai Chapter

Ms. Anuradha from our Chennai Chapter conducted Healthy Minds Program on 1, 2, & 3 July at North Chennai. A total of 181 participants attended and benefitted from the program. Ms. Pavithra and Mr. Tendral assisted her.

Ms. Anuradha from Our Chennai Chapter conducted the Healthy Minds Program at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Salem. It was attended by nearly 64 students.

Delhi Chapter

Sri Balkrishna Mishra conducted the first Healthy Minds Program for 120 students of Management Institute in Greater Noida.

Hyderabad Chapter

Poojya Swamiji delivered a talk for the employees and residents of Banyan Tree Resort, managed by MAK Projects on 2nd July.

Hyderabad Chapter led by Mr. P.M.C. Kiron, Chairperson of Gachibowli Chapter, organised the Managing Life Creatively Program on the 4th & 5th of July 2015 with 106 participants and 36 rejoicers. The program was well received by the participants.

Hyderabad’s Nallakunta Chapter organised annadanam (food serving to those in need) at Kasturba Gandhi Trust Home for Destitute Women on 2nd July.

Sri M.P. Subramaniam & Mrs. Subhashini of Nallakunta Chapter conducted a Personality Development workshop for 58 teachers from St. Michael’s High School on 25th of July. This has opened a chance for Healthy Minds and Vision 2020 programs in the school.

Smt. Kamal Nayani Chauhan and Ms. Sankalpa from our Koti Chapter conducted Healthy Minds program on 8th July.

The young Seminar Leader, Ms. Sankalpa conducted 2 Healthy Minds program for 150 students from Arya Kanya Vidyalaya on 25th July. Kudos to her.

Dr Muralidhar and Smt. Kamal Nayani Chauhan conducted the Healthy Minds Program for 83 students from the Zilla Parishad School, Alwal. It was well received by the students. They also distributed note books.

Sri Venugopal & Ch. Annapurna conducted their 1st Healthy Minds Program for 15 ladies.

Dr. Muralidhar conducted Healthy Minds Program for 160 students from Zilla Parishad School, Lalgadi, Shamirpet. The students enjoyed the program. Sri PMC Kiron conducted for 70 students in the next batch from the same school on August 6th. Dr. Muralidhar also provided food for the members of an old age home in Marredpally on 09.08.15, along with a Medical Check Up. He also conducted a Healthy Minds Program for 35 children of an orphanage.

Sri Satish Kumar conducted the Healthy Minds Program that was organised by Sri PVRK Prasad.

Ms Jyothi, seminar leader conducted her maiden Healthy Minds program for Students from Govt. Girls High School, Picket on 22.08.15, attended by 50 students.

Dr. G.S. Muralidhar Rao conducted the Healthy Minds program for the students of Wesley Institute of Technology & Science, Secunderabad.

Koti Chapter

We are proud to announce that our Koti chapter provided educational scholarships to 4 students from Arya Kanya Vidyalaya, Hanuman Tekdi, Hyderabad.

Dr. Muralidhar, Ms. Kamal Nayani Chauhan and Mr. R.S. Chauhan distributed fruits and conducted a free medical camp in August. Ms. Kamal and Mr. Chauhan also conducted a Healthy Minds Program at their residence, in which 25 ladies participated.

Sri Satish Kumar, Chairperson of Koti chapter conducted the Healthy Minds Program at Allen High School. It was attended by 50 students from 10th class.

Nallakunta Chapter

Mr. M.P. Subramaniam & Ms. Subhashini conducted the Healthy Minds Program for 80 students from Andhra Mahila Sabha High School for Girls. It was very well received by the students and the Teachers. They also conducted the program for 15 students.

Our Nallakunta Chapter has taken up a novel initiative: they are marketing products made by people at the KGNMT Home for Women. On August 5th they served food and gave clothes for the women there.

Chikkadpally Chapter

Led by Sri PVRK Prasad, the Chikkadpally chapter distributed toiletry items to 62 childre of Anandha Balikala Samatha in Vijayanagar Colony.

Lucknow Avadh Chapter

Dr. Chandra, Chairperson of the Avadh Chapter in Lucknow conducted the powerful Mantra Yoga Program at Mahanagar from 11th to 15th of July 2015. About 35 participants were present on the occasion. One more program was conducted from 19th to 23rd of July. Attended by around 49 participants, it has led to a lot of demand for such programs in Luknow.

Nearly 30 participants attended Dr. Chandra’s Mantra Yoga program in August. A Stress Management workshop was also conducted by her for the Catholic Relief Service Institute.

Dr. Chandra also organised a free dental check-up camp. Dr. Ajita Menawat, Dental Surgeon, helped the team in the camp, which was attended by a total of 34 people.

Madurai Chapter

Ms. Bina Anand, Chairperson of Madurai Chapter and Mr. Tendral, Seminar Leader conducted a Healthy Minds program, followed by a satsang, on 19th July 2015.

Mumbai Chapter

Ms. Geetha Desai and Mr. Anil Shetty have been relentlessly conducting satsangs at various places. Her determination and energy is inspiring.

Ms. Sangeetha Hegde conducted two Healthy Minds program for Schools in Borivili organised by Rotary Club on 30th June. In all 600 students participated. She also conducted the program on 14th, 16th & 22nd July. Kudos to her.

Ms. Hegde also conducted a 2-hour Motivational Workshop on the 'Secrets Of Success', organised by Kotak Unnati , an NGO at Goregoan.

Our Sri Sriram Athri conducted a Healthy Minds Program for Modern English School participated by 250 students on 03.08.15. Athri Ji also conducted 3 Healthy Minds Program for 80 students from Bharatiya Vidya Peet, as well as for 60 students from Indira Institute of Management on 06.08.15. He also reached out to 80 students for Master of Computer Application. Kudos to him.

Ms. Asmitha Gokhale gave an introductory talk on Mantra Yoga at Bhivandi, Kalyan organised by Sri Ashok Bairi in August.

Our Ms. Asmitha Gokhale travelled almost 450 kms to a place called Kudal, Sindhudurga Dist to conduct 3 sessions of Healthy Minds Program covering 1000 students and 2 sessions of Vision 2020 for 350 students on the 10th and 11th of August respectively. Kudos to her.

Pune Chapter

Our Pune Chapter, led by Sri Madhukar, organised a half-day workshop 'Oh Mind Relax Please' to a packed hall. Kudos to the Pune team.

US of America Chapter

Led by Ms. Shakila, our USA Chapter had their monthly satsang on 20th July.

The chapter conducted their Monthly satsang on 17.08.15, which was well attended.

P.S.N. Murthy – Trustee:

Sri P.S.N. Murthy our Trustee organised a talk at Vishal Infrastructure, Bangalore on the 6th July 15. The participants thoroughly enjoyed his excellent oratorical skills.


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